Veolia Energie Kolín

Veolia Energie Kolín follows up on the long-standing tradition of an energy company in Kolín and since 2013 it has been operating in Vlašim as well. It generates environmentally friendly heat and supplies it to residents, various authorities and organisations, schools and industrial clients in both towns, as well as producing electricity.

  • We create thermal comfort for most residents in Kolín and Vlašim in the form of district heating, which is in accordance with sustainable development 
  • We also supply heat to industrial clients, schools and institutions in the town
  • In addition to the generation and distribution of heat, Dalkia Kolín also produces electricity in cogeneration
  • Since January 2008, we have also been providing ancillary services to ČEPS

Flash news

Dalkia Kolín changes its name to Veolia Energie Kolín

Talks between the Veolia Group and EDF Group on the termination of their partnership cooperation were closed in July 2014, whereupon Veolia became the sole shareholder in Dalkia’s operations outside France. In the wake of Dalkia in the Czech Republic Group moving under the Veolia flagship, its companies will be renamed one by one. Effective as of 1 January 2015, Dalkia Kolín has been renamed Veolia Energie Kolín.

Extensive refurbishment in Vlašim

By the acquisition of the heat production management in Vlašim our company made a commitment to modernise its technical equipment. This included a transition from the steam system implemented by district heating installations to a hot water system, the replacement of the steam gas-fired boiler plant with a modern hot water boiler plant and the installation of a biomass source that combusts the residual mass from the logging in the nearby forests. Thanks to the implementation of the reconstruction and also the construction of a new biomass boiler plant the company has significantly reduced the amount of heat loss and of CO2 emissions and has stabilised the cost of thermal energy.

Dalkia Kolín contributes to improvements in the environment in the town

Dalkia Kolín officially commissioned a new fuel unloading and storage facility, which will help to improve the environment in Kolín, on 5 November. The modern facilities have eliminated coal dust and noise emissions from the stored coal, which is good news for the residents in the town. Dalkia Kolín invested more than CZK 100 million in the new coal storage and unloading facility.

Colourful butterflies adorn Dalkia Kolín’s chimney

Dalkia Kolín’s chimney can boast of a new, original finish - colourful butterflies have adorned it since last September. The new look of Kolín’s dominant landmark is the result of a project that Dalkia Kolín opened for the pupils of local primary schools, aiming to design and choose a new motif for the chimney.
Children created more than 400 designs and the Kolín residents then chose the best twenty in a poll. More than 600 people used the opportunity to vote for the appearance of the town. In the end, the selection committee preferred the butterfly motif by Denisa Skohoutilová from 5th class of the Mnichovická Primary School. And how do you like the new chimney?



Management of Veolia Energie Kolín

  • CEO Rostislav Krempaský

Board of Directors of Veolia Energie Kolín

  • Chairman Reda Rahma
  • Vice-Chairman Rostislav Krempaský
  • Member Christophe Johany Lanneluc

Supervisory Board of Veolia Energie Kolín

  • Chairman Josef Novák
  • Vice-Chairman Eva Tmejová
  • Member Lubomír Černý


Veolia Energie Kolín, a.s.
Tovární 21
280 63 Kolín V.
Tel.: +420 321 752 211
Fax: +420 321 715 124
Company No. [IČO]: 45148091
Tax Reg. No.: CZ45148091
Incorporated in the Companies Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 1523


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Who we are

The core business of Veolia Energie Kolín is heat generation and distribution, electricity generation and trading and provision of ancillary services. We supply heat to almost all of Kolín’s industrial companies, governmental authorities and organisations, schools, and a majority of Kolín’s population. Electricity generation is an important part of our business. Our power station operates coal- and gas-fired boilers while increasingly often turning to renewable energy sources, and also operates a small hydroelectric power station under Kolín’s old bridge.

We bring heat and light to your home, office, workshop, cinema, theatre...

We offer our clients connection to the district heating system in Kolín. We supply thermal energy in the form of steam on the primary side and hot water on the secondary side. The future is a great challenge for us, and so we are continuously investing in the development of our company.

Strengths and benefits of our supplies:

  • Reliability - in the entire existence of Veolia Energie Kolín, we have experienced only a minimum number of interruptions in heat supply.
  • Our prices for energies and services are lower than our competitors’ prices.
  • Customers purchasing energy from our company face no issues related to monitoring and complying with emission limits and to waste, and their need for wastewater discharge is reduced.

We make sure to keep the beautiful river Labe’s landscape the way it is.

Veolia Energie Kolín has been a pioneer in the district heating sector. At a very early stage (more than 70 years ago), district heating helped to reduce pollution in the town caused by distributed sources. All equipment, both the recently installed and the earlier equipment, is very sensitive to the environment, air and surface waters. The pollution parameters achieved are compliant with the laws in force. In our daily operations, we observe the Sustainable Development Policy, which is binding on all companies of the Veolia Energie in the Czech Republic Group.

Veolia Energie Kolín operates:

  • The primary generating plant in Kolín - Zálabí
  • The Kolín východ heating plant
  • A hydroelectric power station

Key process equipment

Boiler Output t/h Fuel Location
K5 50 brown coal Kolín - Zálabí
K6 75 natural gas Kolín - Zálabí
K8 100 brown coal Kolín - Zálabí
K11 25 natural gas Kolín - východ
K12 25 natural gas Kolín - východ
K13 16 natural gas Kolín - východ


Turbine generator Type Output Location
TG4 back-pressure 4 MWe Zálabí
TG5 condensing extraction 12 MWe Zálabí
TG7 steam micro-turbine, back-pressure 0,56 MWe Zálabí

Hydroelectric power station

Turbine generator Type Output Location
TG1 Francisova 0,10 MWe Kolín - Horní ostrov
TG2 Francisova 0,18 MWe Kolín - Horní ostrov
TG3 Francisova 0,18 MWe Kolín - Horní ostrov
TG4 Francisova 0,22 MWe Kolín - Horní ostrov


Total number: 181
Large industrial: 22
Other industrial (commercial): 95
Residential: 64

Distribution system

Total length of primary steam system: 28 km
Number of supply points: 273

TO TOP    

65 employees
Thermal capacity
227 MWt
Electrical capacity
19.2 Mwe
Heat energy sold
869 TJ
Electricity sold
81 GWh
Fuel: brown coal, natural gas, biomass


2011 Annual Report